Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Clients and Patience

Happy Summer on this Independence Day!

Spring rush is tapering off, but show season lies just ahead and looking forward to seeing all the 4H and other show animals getting ready for county fairs, state shows and september dairy & beef regional exhibitions.

I would like to thank everyone over the recent seasons which have been very busy for a solo practitioner for all of your patience waiting for things to be scheduled while a necessary emergency diverted me and growing number of clients in different areas having not just cows, but sheep and goats, camelids, and all sort of farm animals - including a few honeybee clients needing attention for VFD's! Am very grateful to all for the support and patience while getting to your farms as quickly as can - always liked the expression when asked when i'll be there,  "just look for a cloud of dust coming down the drive" and i'll be right there - hope to make that rapid response more the norm again.

And on that front - will have a nice announcement for the practice in coming days on an important new addition so that the plural practice name of Acorn Farmvets is well and truly that!

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