Wednesday, April 28, 2010

good dog!

I don't work on many dogs, but i see a lot of them and enjoy watching them run up to the minivan when i arrive at the farm(i realize most of them consider me a mobile snausage dispenser). they're a fun part of the day and one of my favorites, and most photographed, Bando, wasn't at the farm anymore when i arrived recently. It was odd not having him run up alongside when i opened the door - often he stepped up into the car before I was able to get a foot outside the door!

He'd had a long run of being the farm dog and will be greatly missed. And it made me think about how much I appreciate all these dogs, who are a part of my day every day all year long.

So here's to all those dogs that make working with the cows (and sheep and goats) more of a pleasure - out of hundreds of pictures of these canine friends that i've snapped over the years are a few that a pictured below - in a collage and in a slideshow below that

Have a look - your dog might be in there!