Wednesday, June 15, 2011

pinkeye pressure

early signs of pinkeye

The early wet spring and now heat of june is bringing on a fairly heavy amount of flies and some early pinkeye in cattle in our area. it's not too late to help reduce the amount of infection in your cattle or if unaffected, help prevent your herd from having an outbreak. vaccination is part of the solution, but fly control is the real saver. Consider fly tags which will help all summer and if on calves, their ears swatting around the udders of their dams will reduce fly irritation and bites on the teats. Pour-ons work well - have had good success with UltraBoss and UltraSaber as well as Synergized De-Lice. Once a case is established in a herd, higher fly levels equal easier spread and contagion to remaining members of the herd. Treat tearing clinical cases showing some 'white' with injectable tetracycline or florfenicol(remember withholds)as simple topical treatment, while relieving symptoms, doesn't eliminate the carrier state in those individuals. Some producers have had success with patches. I also do include a topical treatment with antibiotic and a steroid to give some immediate relief. 

Best results as with any condition are getting them in the chute quickly upon first signs - severe ulceration of the eye can occur rapidly! With estimated cost per case at or greater than $150 per head in treatment and lost performance, as well as bringing them relief from this painful condition, it is well worth the preventative measures as well as effective treatment.