Thursday, February 2, 2012

lambing and kidding time

a important consideration for ewes and does that are approaching delivery in the next month or two is boosting their immunity to clostridial diseases, the enterotoxemias C&D. these diseases can cause sickness and death in lambs, often the best growing ones. CD, or usually, CD/T vaccines, confer immunity to these along with tetanus protection. they are the basis of small ruminant vaccination protocols and the one that is universally recommended.

twice yearly is the typical timing for adults, but the point now is to vaccinate ahead of delivery so that colostrum quality is improved with a higher level of antibodies, providing the the lambs/kids with early protection. If they've been done before, one vaccination before delivery to boost is sufficient, but if it's their first time, two injections are needed, as with most vaccines. And in these younger animals, often their colostral quality isn't as great as an older ewe/doe, so this helps their offspring even more.

march and april will be here quickly - plan on this to help your spring kids and lambs - and ask me on the next visit to your farm, or call,  if you have questions on timing and the products best suited for your flock.