Tuesday, September 18, 2012

less stress vaccination

Last weekend at the Beef Field Day at Riverbend, one of the topics in the herd health talk was proper immunization of calves prior to weaning.

With weaning time getting close, now is the time to work those calves to give them the best advantage and protection, not only for immediate post-weaning time, but for their entire productive life.

The importance of an initial modified-live vaccine(such as BoviShield Gold 4L5), particularly with regards to BVD, can't be overstated. It provides them with superior immunity to just killed and allows formation of immune components that give them the ability to maintain protection later in life with just one BVD booster per year. The nice thing about MLV too is lower volume, easy to give, costs less and does more! That's a good(and rare)combo.

Most importantly, by giving this vaccine pre-weaning, you're giving it the best chance to work(to effect immunization, not just vaccination)by keeping the stress low. Calves go back to the dams, familiar environment, then in 3-4 weeks when actually weaned, they have added protection on board already.

Questions about when and how to time this, combinations that work best in your particular herd, just ask at next herd visit or call/email anytime. Happy and healthy weaning!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

NJ Beef Field Day at Riverbend Farm

This Saturday the 8th, come to Riverbend Farm in Far Hills for a beef field day - Corne has lined up, along with the NJ Angus Association, NJ Beef Council and Rutgers Cooperative Extension a great day starting with informative programs, a light lunch at the farm, and tours afterwards. Programs will cover areas such as Beef Quality Assurance and carcass issues, heat synch/AI topics, current health programs for small and larger beef herds and calving/difficult calving-dystocia topics.

Give a call to 908-788-1338 with who is coming or email Hunterdon Ag Agent Bob Mickel at Michel@NJAES.Rutgers.edu so they can have a lunch count. Or feel free to to give me a call or email(or text!)here and i'll line you up for the day.

Looks like good weather that morning, so take a drive and stop over for a fun and learning Saturday. And see some really good Angus cattle and see fellow beef breeders. They're at 25 Branch Road in Far Hills.