Monday, September 16, 2013

AABP and AASRP meetings this week

Time again for a meeting of the American Bovine Practitioners and American Small Ruminant Practitioners Associations - i'll be in Milwaukee attending the preconference seminars and meetings themselves this Tues-Thursday - some exciting topics and looking forward to this info helping out back on the farm with dairy and beef, sheep and goats!

A wet lab on laparascopic AI/ET in small ruminants, a full day on new topics in lameness management in dairy (and beef)cattle as well as 'Fecal Fluency' - new strategies in interpreting egg counts and larval development assay' - primarily for small ruminants, but helpful in all sizes. Thursday transition cow management, tube ventilation in calf barns, and calf scours therapy and control...many others too - Hope to be at your farm in the next few weeks and can pass along some of this education and help your animals.

(Will have phone and email at the meeting, so please do let me know, as always, any questions on your animals you have - thanks!)