Friday, May 31, 2013

cow catcher

Had a nice back and forth over the weekend with a UK cattleman on twitter and he mentioned a cow catcher that mounts on the front end loader of a tractor. Having just come off a call to treat a pinkeye case that required a lot of coaxing, ropes, and mild rodeo effort, this sounded very useful.

And i think it is - have a look at the full series of pictures on this blog he provided me.

His is a telescoping version and as the cows are often quite used to having tractors in the field around them(carrying round bales)they often and usually can be just driven up to and have the 'corral' drop over them. Great for pastures far from home corral - also was suggested (and many thanks to Andrew Holding @andrewholding1 for passing on all this info)that it was very useful for a newly calved cow to help get the calf sucking and tagged, leave them in for a few hours. Or *walking* cattle in them to get them closer to home.

Much as I love my lariat(and try to keep it hidden unless absolutely needed)this looks like a great piece of equipment to reduce cow(and owner - vet)stress and allow quick more easy treatment when cattle are on summer pastures.